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Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lesson: Improve or master your swimming skills with individualized attention from “America’s Favorite Swim Instructors.” Instructors, participants and/or parents work together to determine goals for the session and lessons are then customized in order to meet the established goals. Private lessons are great for beginners, people with disabilities, people who have had a negative experience with water or for those who want to improve their skills in a private setting. Classes are 30 minutes long in one of our 2 heated pools. Lessons are offered all year round!

Please turn in your registration form and payment and we'll call you to schedule a convienent time. If you have a preferred instructor, please note it on your form otherwise we'll set you up with an amazing person all on our own!

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Private Swim Lessons
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Member: $20 per lesson, $70 for 4 lessons
Non-member: $30 per lesson, $110 for 4 lessons

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