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Embrace The Season Of Goodwill

The abundance of goodwill and opportunities to interact with neighbors during the holidays make it a great time to use your unique skills and talents to help others. Volunteering can make a big difference in the well-being of your community, but don’t forget that it can be good for you, too. Volunteering offers a chance to discover new passions, connect with others, develop new skills and experience a sense of accomplishment and joy. When you volunteer, you take an active role
in bringing about meaningful change in your own neighborhood. As a leading nonprofit for strengthening community through social responsibility, the Y encourages individuals to give back, be it at the Y, in the community
or even within their own families.

In addition to traditional volunteer and giving opportunities like toy drives and food donations, there are many ways to lend a helping hand. Here are a few acts of kindness to get you thinking about ways to volunteer:

• Play a game or read a book with an elderly family member or neighbor.

• Make and deliver cards for patients who are spending the holidays in the hospital.

• Cook a meal for a busy relative or friend.

• Care for animals at an animal shelter.

• Clear the snow from the sidewalk on your block or a neighbor’s driveway.

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