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Enhance®Fitness is geared toward older adults of ALL fitness levels.  If you have a chronic condition such as arthritis, this program will help you gain strength, improve balance and have fun.  Enhance®Fitness is nationally recognized by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), US Dept of Health and Human Services, and The National Council on Aging as an effective senior fitness and arthritis management program.  Visit our Enhance®Fitness page to find more information about Enhance®Fitness and take a FREE Demo Class.  


Learn to play one of the fastest growing sports.  It's popular because all ages can participate and it's a great family game. Equipment will be provided.  Participants need to be mobile, have good balance and agility, decent reflexes, and be able to reach above their heads.  No prior experience expected.   

Indoor court open play time for Pickleball are early morning before 9 a.m.  Outdoor court play is available at any time. 

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