Register for North Cow Creek YMCA Collaborative Preschool

Preschool in Redding, CA

Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes. Just follow these simple steps to secure a space:

1. Take a few minutes to read through our Parent Handbook before registering.

Read and Understand: Child Care Handbook

2. Fill out the Child Care Enrollment Packet below and return the packet along with your payment to the Child Care Office at the Shasta Family YMCA. We are located at 1155 N. Court Street, Redding CA. 

Complete and Return: Child Care Enrollment Packet

3. Upon receipt of your first payment and the completed child care enrollment packet we will reserve a space for your child at the desired location. Once your child's registration has been processed, we will email you an enrollment confirmation and receipt. 


Preschool at Turtle Bay Elementary School, Redding CA

Kids at Y Preschool enjoy a wide variety of activities in a safe and structured learning environment.

We look forward to a fun and educational school-year. The Y exists to help children learn, grow and thrive!

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