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The Y Preschool is keeping their doors open this summer. Enroll today!

Dear Diary,

Today Mommy dropped me off at my new preschool. When I got there, I was scared. But Miss Brittany said Good Morning in a big happy voice. She already knew my name even! She asked me to look for my name tag and put it by number 3 on the white board. I only know my name starts with a B and I’m not sure what a B looks like so I didn’t know which one was mine. The teacher said, “That’s okay.” She promised that I would be able to spot my name very soon because we will play zoo games with our letters.

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Thank You! 2 Years in a Row.

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We know that most parents need to work year around, not just during the school year. That is why we have filled in the gaps with fun and educational camps and child care programming.

The Y offers a variety of preschool options for you to choose from -- a year-round program, a school-year program and a school-year program with an additional "care" option. 

Turtle Bay YMCA Collaborative Preschool is a year-round program that is only closed 8 days out of the year.

Turtle Bay Preschool is closed on the following holidays:

  • Memorial day
  • Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day
  • Labor Day
  • 4th of July.

Manzanita YMCA Collaborative Preschool is a school-year program.  It is closed on all Manzanita Elementary School breaks, including summer. To make it easier on working parents, the Y offers preschool at our Turtle Bay Preschool year-round (with the exception of the 8 days listed above). All Manzanita Preschool children are welcomed and encouraged to join Turtle Bay on all open school breaks and summer break. 

Manzanita preschoolers can join Turtle Bay Preschool (for an additional "School Break" fee worked into your monthly payment plan) on the following holidays:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
  • Lincoln's Holiday
  • President's Holiday
  • Spring Break Camp
  • Veteran's Day Holiday
  • Fall / Thanksgiving Break: Mon-Wed
  • Winter Holiday Camp (Christmas)

Sibling discounts may apply. Financial assistance available to those who qualify.

See our Y Camps within our program section for fun and educational opportunities.

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