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Academic Support Hubs-Boulder Creek

Join us at Boulder Creek for learning support and fun! Enrollment Packets are available http://www.sfymca.org/images/downloads/ACADEMIC_SUPPORT_HUB_BC_REGISTRATION_PACKET_2020_2021.pdf  Please return completed packets to the Shasta Family YMCA or email msweetwood@sfymca.org.

For questions, please contact Marianne at 530-224-0952 or msweetwood@sfymca.org

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Ages & Location


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Academic Support Hubs-Boulder Creek
Three hubs available: Hub 1 (7:45-11:15 AM), Hub 2 (11:15- 2:25 PM), Hub 3 (2:45- 5:45 PM) Full Day Hubs 1-3 (7:45-5:45 PM)
*May select multiple hubs

K-8th grade
Boulder Creek School

Weekly Fee: Hub 1 ($90), Hub 2 ($90), Hub 3 ($75) Hubs 1-3 Full day ($255)

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