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Partner with the Y in Supporting Those Affected by the Carr Fire

The Y is accepting monetary donations to go directly to help those affected by the Carr Fire. We expect the need for financial assistance for membership, child care and programs to be great, whether short term or long term.  Families have had to incur the cost of evacuating, some have damaged homes, some lost homes, others lost jobs, routines have changed, and, for a lot of us, there is a loss sense of security. The Y can help. 

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EMSA Certification

This course is instructor led, hands-on, and video based and will be a two part series that includes training on the latest guidelines and regulations in reference to the current CPR, AED, and First Aid protocols. This course is EMSA approved.

First segment of this course covers CPR/AED instruction for all ages (Infants, Pediatrics, and Adults).  Relieving choking victims is also included in the training with an understanding of how to approach foreign body airway obstructions. AED (Automated External Defibrillator) trainer education is part of the course and training will be expanded upon. Second segment of the course will include First Aid instruction. The goals for this class is to complete four training modules (Finding the Problem, Removing Gloves Properly, Use of an Epi-Pen, and Bleeding Bandaging and Control) and go over a series of both medical and traumatic emergencies. Topics in this section include breathing emergencies, allergic reactions, stroke, chest pain, fainting, seizures, diabetic emergencies, bleeding you can see, bleeding you cannot see, bleeding control and management, tourniquet use, and burn education, and bites and stings.  Additional topics to be discussed will include the Good Samaritan Law, understanding the different types of consent for administering aid, and personal protective equipment education.

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EMSA Certification Class
September 22, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Member: $65
Non-member: $75

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