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The Y is gearing up to enter HSI schools to improve student's health and well-being. (Updated 12/11/11)

Y staff and school PE techs have been playing!  Balance and agility equipment has arrived and will be used in the collaborative  group exercise instruction at the  three Healthy Student Intiative schools. BOSU Sport Balance Trainers, Fitness Balls, foam Balance Beams, VersaDiscs, VersaSteps  and Rocker & Wobble Boards will be used to incorporate balance, agility, strength and flexibility training into PE instruction. Currently in the orientation stage, come January 10, Y staff will work with the PE techs at Bella Vista, Lassen View and Cypress Schools thrice weekly, with other Y staff leading speciality classes such as pilates, Zumba, Turbo Kick and gymnastics on a rotating basis.

The Y begins implementation of the Pioneering Healthier Communities Grant.  (Updated 10/10/11)

As reported in August, the Y received a $20,000 Pioneering Healthier Communities Grant to pilot a program that will bring group exercise to the schools involved in the Healthy Students Initiative - Bella Vista Elementary, Lassen View Elementary and Cypress Elementary.  Since receiving the grant, the Y has been working closely with HSI Coordinator April Jurisich and HSI PE Consultant Carrie Edwards to develop the details of the program, as well as getting acquainted with the PE techs at each school.

Charlotte Michel, the Y's Land Group Exercise Coordinator, is overseeing the implementation of the program at these schools.  Y staff - Dale Maynor, CJ Jardstrom and Daniel Lewandowski - will be working daily in partnership with the PE techs to supplement the SPARKS curriculum with activities that emphasize balance, agility, strength and flexibility training. Also, Y staff Megan McAuliffe will rotate to the schools each week to lead a contemporary group exercise class, such as Zumba, Kick Boxing or Pilates.

The Y receives a $20,000 Healthier Communities Grant! (dated 8/31/11)

The Shasta Family YMCA received a $20,000 Pioneering Healthier Communities grant to enhance our local Healthy Students Initiative in partnership with Healthy Shasta, the McConnell Foundation and Shasta County Public Health!

The program will enable the Y's Healthy Living Department to introduce contemporary group exercise in our three Healthy Students Initiative schools:  Bella Vista Elementary, Cypress Elementary and Lassen View Elementary. Research has shown that contemporary group exercise can be essential in building balance, core strength, agility and posture; all of which can improve students’ physical and academic performance.

The Shasta Family YMCA is committed to significantly expanding our group exercise program, on land and in water, for people of all ages and abilities. This exciting new program supports our mission of bringing fun, active and healthy activities that make a lifelong impact on youth struggling with obesity.

Check back to learn more about how this new grant funded program helps our children live healthier and happier lives. Or, for more information contact April Jurisich, Shasta County Public Health, Healthy Students Initiative Coordinator at 245-6843, or Sheri Richmond, Shasta Family YMCA, Director of Healthy Living at 246-9622.

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