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Our Indoor Locker Room remodel is getting close to being finished!  The Indoor Locker Rooms will be closed for the duration of the project.  We are very excited to be providing this upgrade for our members.  If you have any questions refer to the FAQ below or contact Member Services at 530.246.9622.

Update as of April 29, 2022

The new flooring is being installed. In the first week of May, we will begin the final touches. Thank you for your patience over this long haul; we are so close to utilizing this wonderful space again. 

Update as of April 15, 2022

The shower and bathroom tile has been completed, and it is now time for the finishing touches. Flooring, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, countertops, and lockers will be installed over the next few weeks. Thanks for hanging in there with us! We are super excited in anticipation of these new locker rooms!  We hope to reopen the locker rooms in mid-May. 

Please be sure to check out for Facebook Live to see more!

Update as of February 18, 2022

This week, in the locker rooms there is detailed framing happening that will be the setting for our new illuminated mirrors. Insulation is being installed in the walls to keep the space feeling comfortable and quiet.  We are in the process of installing a duct that will lead to a dedicated exhaust fan, enabling us to have continuous fresh air flow into the locker rooms. Installing this air system requires cutting through the concrete and installing a duct through the second story. 

Due to difficulty in getting construction materials and supply chain issues, we are anticipating some delays in completing the project, however we are still aiming for completion in March.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and are looking forward to the completion of these improvements.

Update as of January 8, 2022

We are making great progress on our locker room remodel! 

The pool hallway is open again. The parking lot gate will be closed starting 1/8/2022.

We are ordering more changing cabanas for changing areas.  These cabanas will be located next to the Yoga Studio.

Thank you for your understanding as we have needed to relocate some classes to reduce construction noise interrupting the classes.  Member Services has more information regarding temporary class locations.

Due to difficulty in getting construction materials and supply chain issues, we are anticipating some delays in completing the project.  We are aiming for completion in early March.


What will the new locker rooms look like?
We are so excited to be remodeling our locker rooms. I am sure you can agree that this project is overdue! The updated locker rooms will have new flooring, new showers, new fixtures, private changing stalls, new counter tops, and new lockers. The men’s locker room will soon have private showers!

When will the project start and when will the locker rooms be reopened?
The target start date is Wednesday, December 15 and completion date is May 2022.  Due to shortages in supplies, the dates have been difficult to finalize. Please be patient as we navigate this. We will do our best to keep you informed.

Will there still be locker rooms and lockers available to use?
Yes. Locker rooms and lockers will be available at Y South.

The gate in the fence between the two properties will be open with a temporary concrete walkway. We are also installing lights on the back of Y South to ensure the area is well-lit and safe. We have handicap access to the building on the Eureka Way side.

We are working on ways to provide temporary daytime lockers in our main facility during the project. We, however, have not figured out if, how and where we can do this.

When do I need to take my things out of my locker?
Please remove any items from your rental locker by Friday, December 3. Your locker rental charges will stop on December 3. Lockers in the locker room will still be available for day use until Tuesday, December 14.

Will there be showers available?
Yes, showers will be available in the Outdoor Locker Rooms and in the Y South Locker Rooms.

Where will I be able to change?
Locker rooms at Y South, the Outdoor Pool Locker Rooms, and changing cabanas in the indoor pool area will be available for changing. Please do not use the lobby restrooms for changing.

Where can I use the restroom?
The lobby restroom, Outdoor Locker Rooms, Y South Locker Rooms, and temporary portable restrooms near the Outdoor Sports Court will be available.

Will there be signs posted showing me where to go?
Yes, signage will be posted to make navigating easier.

Can I still go through the hallway to get to the Outdoor Pool?
Yes, the hallway will remain open. The contractor will be using the gate near the Outdoor Sports Court and will be entering and exiting through the side door near the ADA ramp (the ramp that is near the door to the playground). This might be disruptive but please be patient. We will do what we can to limit disruptions while staying on our construction schedule.

How can I access the Indoor Pool for swimming lessons or water aerobics?
You can access the Indoor Pool via the Outdoor Pool area. We purchased a ramp to help those who are unable to climb stairs.

Will this affect the cost of my membership?
No. Membership prices will not be affected by this project.

We will do our best to communicate as we learn more.  Thank you for your patience through the duration of this project, and as we navigate supply and staffing shortages.  We are excited to be improving the Y for all of us to enjoy.