The Y is committed to ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to become a healthy, contributing member of society by nurturing their potential and supporting their unique development journey.  The Y offers activities and programs that provide youth with the tools and resources they need to succeed in life, like academic assistance, fitness and healthy choices, safe places, employment opportunities, and other life skills. Teens have proven success at the Y. 


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Teens need safe places with productive activities surrounded by caring adults. The Shasta Family YMCA knows this and is that place. From the time a teen walks in the door, greeted by our Member Services staff, they will be surrounded by caring adults, find ways to keep engaged, and will be supported in making healthy choices. Here are some of the ways the Shasta Family YMCA helps nurture youth potential:

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Sharks Swim Team

Sharks Swim Team is a fantastic way to get involved in our Y community!

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Career and Life Skills

The Y is truly a community organization. One of the ways we invest in our community is by strengthening youth and helping them gain skills they can use for a lifetime. Some of the most important work we do is supported by volunteers. Volunteering at the Y not only helps the Y, it is a way to gain work experience and skills needed for future employment. Plus, the Y is a great place to work!

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Fitness & Health

Healthy teens are more likely to become healthy adults. At the Y, we create an environment that makes teens feel comfortable with themselves, promotes healthy lifestyle choices, and makes exercising enjoyable. Our staff encourages trying new things and exploring interests. We offer activities for everyone, so it is easy to get moving, to get involved, and to stay motivated.

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Y Club

Y Club is designed to provide 6th - 12th graders an engaging, stable place to go after school where they are respected and cared for by staff they can trust. It is an engaging, healthy and restful place with opportunities for enrichment, personal development, and social interaction. We want to instill in every participant self-confidence, independence, and purpose.

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