We are aware of the importance that friendships, camaraderie and support play in achieving healthier lifestyles, so at the Y we offer a variety of exercising options that help you care for your spirit, mind and body. 


Virtual Y

Wherever you go, the Y is there! Virtual Y allows you to still participate in some of your favorite classes from home or when you are away.  We offer Zoom classes for participation in the moment or we have a video library so you can select a class to take on your own timing. 

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The Outdoor Sports Court will be available for Pickleball, weather permitting.

Stop at the Member Services Desk to check out the equipment.

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At the Y, we know that getting and staying healthy and happy is not a one size fits all.  That is why we are intentional in providing a variety of group exercise classes to meet every age, every level, every schedule and every goal, plus provide the support and camaraderie you need. 

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Aqua exercise promotes greater mobility, is low impact, contributes to reduced pain and stiffness, increases muscle strength, and is a recommended cross-training exercise.  Because our aqua classes are held in our heated indoor pool, you can stick to your exercise routine year-round, no matter what the weather conditions.

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The Shasta Family YMCA offers several personal training options to help participants on their health and wellness journey. Personal Training at the Y is designed to be a motivating and positive experience. Our trainers help ease fears and anxieties, while providing encouragement.

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At the Y, we know that getting and staying healthy and happy is not a one size fits all.  That is why we offer a full-access membership, providing a variety of options for every age, to help you find what best fits your abilities, lifestyle and interests.  Plus you will find a friendly, supportive community of members and staff to provide the support and camaraderie you need&nbsp

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Our youth group exercise classes are age-appropriately formatted and are designed to show youth that staying healthy is fun and motivating. Our classes integrate the Y's core values of caring, respect, responsibility and honesty, and help youth build confidence and skills, not to mention they are a great way to meet new friends.

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