Healthy teens are more likely to become healthy adults. At the Y, we create an environment that makes teens feel comfortable with themselves, promotes healthy lifestyle choices, and makes exercising enjoyable. Our staff encourages trying new things and exploring interests. We offer activities for everyone, so it is easy to get moving, to get involved, and to stay motivated. Plus, our family-friendly atmosphere and close location to local high schools makes it easy to hang with friends or meet new ones.

Movement Made Easy

Camaraderie, encouragement and mentoring are just part of the benefits of group exercise. Our group exercise classes are welcoming to all and we offer a variety of classes so everyone can find a class they like. Plus, our certified fitness instructors model healthy choices and love to mentor young adults on their health journey.

Group Exercise Schedule

In addition to group classes, we house a fully-equipped Fitness Center. Offerings include various types of cardio machines, functional training rooms, free weights, and assisted weight machines. Plus a Trainer is on the floor each weekday afternoon to help you as needed. 

Trainer on the Floor

Trainer on the Floor staff are dedicated to helping our our teen population with the use of a variety of cardio and weight equipment, as well as to offer training support and guidance. Our mission is to keep kids safe, healthy, and active.  

Monday - Friday | 3:30 - 5:30 pm

Free; no registration necessary 

Power Plate Snacks

Teens are just as busy as adults, so picking or packing a healthy snack is not always the easy choice. Yet, eating a healthy snack is important at every age. Y Club realizes teens study better, feel more alert, and are more motivated with energizing food (versus snacks high in added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium), that is why Y Club provides free USDA sponsored Power Plate Snacks. Participants can choose from a variety of snacks, such as fresh fruit, granola bars, cheese, flavored water and more. Power Snacks means more life power. 

Y Club Information


Our premier wooden Indoor Sports Court is a fan's favorite. The serious to the not-so-serious basketball player can play year-round and find time a time to play a game to match their age and abilities. Dedicated time is set aside each afternoon just for Youth Ball. On beautiful days, catch some fresh air on the Outdoor Sports Court. 

Indoor Sports Court Schedule