Our courses will prepare you and certify you to earn a job as a lifeguard.  This class is a fast-paced and challenging program designed to teach and reinforce the fundamentals of lifeguarding, including surveillance, how to perform rescues, and how to care for someone with injuries. 

We offer two learning formats: 1) Blended Learning, which includes online study, plus onsite skill practice and testing; and 2) the Traditional Format of all onsite learning.  For Blended Learning, the online study must be completed before the in-person section begins.

There is a prerequisite session in which you are required to pass a swimming skills test.  Prerequisites: 15 years or older; be able to swim 300 yard continuously with breath control, either front crawl or breaststroke. ; swim 20 yards, retrieve a 10lb diving brick from the pool bottom, surface, and swim 20 yards back to wall, using legs only, and exit the pool without the use of a ladder, all within 100 seconds; and tread water without the use of hands for 2 minutes.

Upon successful course completion, participants receive an American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification with CPR/AED and first aid for lifeguards (valid for 2 years).  All classes offered will certify you for any depth of water, unless otherwise indicated.

The Shasta Family YMCA hires and staff lifeguards year-round at our two pools.  Candidates who successfully complete the lifeguard certification process are welcome to apply for Lifeguard positions with the Shasta Family YMCA.