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In January 2020, The McConnell Foundation finalized the purchase of the 24,000 square foot building, located at 1740 Eureka Way, on the corner of Eureka Way and Court Street.  They then granted this property to the Shasta Family YMCA, which is located next door.

The donation of space, in addition to the Y's current property, creates a 6-acre campus at the main western gateway to downtown Redding and will add 50% more indoor space for the YMCA to grow its services for youth, families, and seniors.

The McConnell Foundation is a long-time supporter of the Y, with historical grants totaling nearly $600,000, including Carl and Leah McConnell’s personal donation of $25,000 to the original purchase of the Court Street property and facility.

With the purchase and donation of the corner lot on Eureka Way, the Foundation is placing a key entry to Redding’s revitalized downtown into the hands of a trusted community organization that is in the midst of rapid growth.

“We are thrilled to announce this purchase because it fits so well with the Foundation’s mission and all of our current priorities,” said Shannon Phillips, COO of The McConnell Foundation. “Converting an empty building to a vibrant part of the Y campus will beautify Redding’s core and provide space the Y needs to grow and serve our community.”

Membership at the Y has reached an all-time high and the organization has been rapidly adding and expanding its services. Those services include the Y Club (a place for pre-teens and teens after school), Power Scholars (a summer learning program proven to close the achievement gap for disadvantaged youth), Diabetes Prevention Program (fighting back against the North State’s most widespread disease) and Foster Camp for our most at-risk youth.

“To continue our growth and service to the community, we simply had to have more space,” said Kristen Lyons, CEO of the Shasta Family YMCA. “This bold and generous move by The McConnell Foundation is going to have a major impact not just on the Y, but on our whole community, as we grow to meet the significant needs around us.”

With McConnell’s support, the Shasta Family YMCA Board of Directors retained GRO Development to consult on a specific plan for the expanded facility.

GRO specializes in the growth of YMCAs and has completed more than 600 projects nationwide, including more than 50 in California.

The specific plan for using the new space will be developed based on GRO’s expertise and the Board’s strategic vision for the Y, Shasta Family YMCA said.

- Press Release, Courtesy of Actions News Now, Written by Deb Anderaos

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