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In late 2019, the McConnell Foundation purchased and granted the Shasta Family YMCA a door to a new chapter, a 24,000 square foot building located on the corner of Eureka Way and Court Street. Amidst curveballs and hurtles, an important question remains: Where are we now?

Shortly after Eureka Way Building renovations began, the Shasta Family YMCA faced the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 virus. How could we foster growth, joy, and relationships during trying times? What would social responsibility and servitude look like? Our newly acquired neighboring building soon became an answered silver lining…

The YMCA fitness facilities remained physically closed from March 15, 2020 to June 1, 2020. During this time we pivoted our services to offer virtual fitness and child care camps for Essential Workers. We saw an opportunity to use this downtime to begin Phase 1 renovations of the Eureka Way Building. Our very own YMCA family alongside AmeriCorps volunteers continued renovations! From painting to yard work to construction, a facility closing was turned productive.

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After the YMCA’s doors re-opened to the public, a whole new set of challenges ensued. As members returned, social distancing guidelines created the impossibility of simultaneously housing everyone. Group exercise classes began to fill to capacity. Afterschool programs simply outgrew what regulations would allow. The executive decision was made to open the Eureka Way Building’s doors.

Since then, members and staff alike have been able to enjoy the hard-earned fruits of renovation labor. Childcare programs, notably our afterschool program Y-Club, now have twice the space to pour into the lives of our community’s youths. The availability to attend group exercise classes has immensely increased, allowing us to best foster mental, physical, and emotional health alike.

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What fun and happiness we all have shared in this new chapter of the Shasta Family YMCA. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who has donated either time or money to the Eureka Way Building. You have made the YMCA possible. The most exciting news is…this is only the beginning!

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