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Administrative Staff Directory

Management Team


Kristen Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

[email protected]

(530) 246-9622

Dave Williams

Senior Director, Property Management and Operations

[email protected]

(530) 246-9622 x 132

Nicole Peterson

Director, Member Services and Programs 

[email protected]

(530) 246-9622 x 111

Rachel Forero MacFarland  

Director, Aquatics, Safety and Teens

[email protected]

(530) 246-9622 x 105

Helen Melendez-Vela

Director, Youth and Staff Development

[email protected]

(530) 246-9622 x 127

Staff Directory


Pauline Asbill

Administrator Healthy Initiatives, Diabetes Prevention Program 

[email protected]

(530)-246-9622 x 120

Robin Fator

Development and Communications Manager

[email protected]


Ashley Carbin

Member Services Program Director

[email protected]

530-246-9622 x 121

Patrice Hanson

Accounting and IT Administrator

[email protected]

530-246-9622 x 110

Joshua Harris

Facility Supervisor


[email protected]

Eythana Miller

Child Watch and Youth Programs Lead

[email protected]

530-246-9622 x 118

Heather Mello-Scholtz

Aquatics Senior Program Director  

[email protected]

530-246-9622 x 105

Brianna O'Leary

Community Outreach Development Officer

[email protected]

530-246-9622 x 119

Kyleia Ross

Grants Development Officer

[email protected]

530-246-9622 x 114

Marianne Sweetwood

Program Director, Child Care and Day Camp 

[email protected]

530-246-9622 x 113

Denise Villanueva

Program Director, Child Care and Power Scholars 

[email protected]

530-246-9622 ext. 116