At the Y, we know that getting and staying healthy and happy is not a one size fits all.  That is why we are intentional in providing a variety of group exercise classes to meet every age, every level, every schedule and every goal, plus provide the support and camaraderie you need. 

Group exercise classes are FREE with your membership unless otherwise indicated.  Please see the group exercise schedule for class times and instructors.  Advance registration is recommended for Cycling, otherwise, just show up ready to workout.  Youth 13 years and older are welcome in adult group exercise classes.  

Group Exercise Schedule
Group Class Descriptions                            


Build strength, improve cardiovascular endurance and burn calories like crazy in this high cardio, low-impact workout. Our fitness instructors will challenge you with multi-level intervals on specialized Stages stationary bikes. Because you set the resistance, every fitness level is welcome. 

Learn the basics at our FREE monthly Cycling Orientation on the 1st Tuesday of each month | 5 - 5:15 pm 


Concentrate on improving balance, strengthening, flexibility, relaxation, and breathing techniques.  Slow down and enjoy the benefits of mind-body classes, like yoga and Pilates. 

Low Impact and Seniors

Maintain a physically independent lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise with our low-impact classes.  For beginning exercisers who want a mild start or for those who need an ongoing gentler, non-jarring pace. 

Mixed Strength and Cardio

Because we know that the best way to ultimate health and well-being is through balanced workouts, we offer a variety of classes that include a mix of cardio and strength training intervals.  With a variety of styles to choose from and modification levels within the class, everyone will belong. 


Empower yourself with our progressive strength training workouts that can help you lose weight, increase energy and endurance, improve sports performance, and reduce your risk of disease.  Our strength classes will you feeling competent and capable.


Move, laugh and have fun in these contagious classes where choreographed upbeat dance music helps create the ultimate workout.  Perfect for anyone and downright addictive.  

Aqua Classes

Water exercise is for everyone!  Training in the pool is great for an everyday workout, cross-training, recovery days, and injury recovery.  Aqua aerobics is the perfect place to start an exercise program, for prenatal exercise, or those who need low impact.