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Rachel Maki learned how to swim at the age of 5. For her parents, Rachel's swim skills meant an extra layer of safety around the water, however, swimming became much more than that. It has been a sport Rachel loves and excels at. Swimming has led to friendships, provides an outlet for stress, helps her stay healthy, earned her a scholarship to college, and led to a job working in the Y's Aquatics Department.   

Rachel began competing at the age of 9. She has been a part of the Sharks Swim Team since it's inception. She was team captain of U-Prep High School's swim team for two years and she was awarded 'Competitor of the Year' all four years. In addition, Rachel broke several long-held swim records, and was the Shasta Family YMCA Record Searchlight Athlete of the Week. Quite deservedly, Rachel received a swimming and academic scholarship to Concordia Irvine. 

Rachel volunteered at the Y as a Junior Swim Instructor and eventually became a certified Swim Instructor and Lifeguard. Last summer, Rachel was the Y's Site Manager for the swim program at the Anderson Pool, and will return as the Anderson Site Manager this coming summer.

Aquatics has helped shape Rachel's life and always will continue to be a part of it.

At any age, swimming can be an important part of your health and well-being. The Y's Aquatics Department offers something for everyone: group swim lessons, swim team, adult swim lessons, private swim lessons, Diverse Abilities Swim, aqua exercise, lap swimming, open swim, as well as lifeguard and swim instructor certification classes.  

Aquatics Blog
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