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The middle school and high school years can be hard. Youth are developing. They are trying to figure who they are and what they want to become. They are testing their interests, abilities and boundaries. They are trying to find a niche. It is easier for some than others. The Y recognizes what youth are going through and has designed Y Club to be a place where everyone can belong. 

On an average school day, around 300 youth come through the doors of the Y.  When a youth steps into Y Club, it doesn't matter who they are or what their background is, because everyone is welcome and Y Club was designed to meet teens where they are at.

Y Club is a diverse program - in both who attends and what we offer. Participants have opportunities to relax, socialize, make new friends, exercise, study, take a nap, play games, connect to staff, have a healthy snack, and/or volunteer. In addition, staff want to instill in every participant self-confidence and independence, encourage personal decision making, and reward making good choices.

We know teens come from different emotional and environmental situations, or may be processing a difficult time in their life, that is why we take a wider approach to working with our youth. Y Staff supports each youth's unique development journey by helping provide the resources needed for them to lead inspired, successful lives. 

Here are some of the reasons why participants find Y Club meaningful:

"It's a great environment. I get to enjoy people I enjoy being around, and play games, and sit around and do my homework. There is food here if I am hungry. It's a great place to come afterschool and wind down."

"Because there are a lot of games and a lot of friends to hang out with."

"I like it here because I can stay here without having to wait at this very hot stone place and be there for like two hours, but I get to be here where it is nice and cool. There is a gym I like to hang out in. There are games. There's free food which I love. And my friends are here, too, so I really love it here.  All the caretakers are nice."

"Because there's food here."

Y Club is open and available to every teen in our community. Every youth will be welcome, regardless of finances or circumstance; no one will be turned away. Financial assistance is available when applicable.

Thank you to all our partners and sponsors who help support Y Club. Y Club could not be implemented without the help of our sponsors and donors. We call this the Donor Difference. If you are interested in partnering with the Shasta Family YMCA, contact Julie Schroeder, Donor Relations and Development Manager, at 530.246.9622 or [email protected].  

Investing in our youth makes a better community for all. 

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