Our members are diverse and their reason for being part of the Y family is equally diverse. The Y intentionally creates an environment that is encouraging and welcoming to all. We have a wide range of offerings to meet the needs and interests of our members - from tots to seniors, from beginners to advanced exercisers, from individual workouts to group exercise. The Shasta Family YMCA doors are open, come be part of the family. 

Meet some of our members....

Meet Julie!

Julie went to a different gym for many years before joining the Y, and was nervous to make the change. “The minute I walked through the door, everyone was genuinely welcoming.” 

She took a tour of the facility where she realized how much the Y had to offer and how spotless the facility was. “The free week guest pass gave me the opportunity to try out a variety of classes." Julie loves the diversity of the classes and appreciates that the instructors are client-driven and helpful. 

“There is a real sense of community here. I feel comfortable and included.”

Meet Penelope!

Penelope donated some of her money to the Y because “there are nice people here”. 

She loves the swimming pools and the colorful fish in the fish tank! 

Meet Rick & Ryan!

Ryan and Rick met while working out at the Y. Rick walked up to Ryan one day and struck up a conversation. That conversation would lead to friendship. 

Ryan said that he and Rick may have never met or become friends if it weren’t for the Y. 

Locations: Shasta Family YMCA
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