Facility Improvement


Update 3.28.24  

After many delays from gathering permits and rainy weather, the Driveway and Drive Aisle Project is resuming next week.  

For a refresher on the project: the City of Redding owns an easement that runs through the Y’s driveway and drive aisle, and to work on the Trinity Street Sewer Project, the City will be working on our property off and on for a few months. 

We have received word that the work will begin the beginning of April and run through June. The work will be done primarily at night between 6:30 pm - 5:30 am. Although it will be inconvenient, in the end the Y will have a newly surfaced and widened drive aisle, which we all know is greatly needed!

Contractors have begun staging their equipment in the southeast corner of the Y South parking lot (see photo) and it will remain for the duration of the project. Beginning next week, workers will need access to the bore pit in the back of our parking lot between Y Main and Y South. They will block off additional parking spots surrounding the bore pit so they have space for their equipment. See the orange work zone in the photo. 

What does this mean for you?  
> You will still be able to use the main entrance and exit, as well as the back drive that adjoins the two parking lots.

> There will be plenty of parking available at Y South, however it will be more limited.

> Those driving in the Y South Parking lot will need to use the drive closest to Y South to enter or exit, as you will be unable to drive through the staging area.  

Stay tuned for more updates on this project, and thank you for your patience. 


Update 11.9.23
For the easement project, there have been immense delays stemming from the inability to receive permits from the railroad. While we wait for the easement project to begin, we have the opportunity tomorrow, November 10, to repair the potholes in the ADA section of our parking lot. This means the standard ADA parking area will be unavailable; however, we will have designated spots closest to the building as temporary ADA parking spots for the day. See the photo above. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation so we can resolve any safety issues in our parking lot. 

Update 9.29.23  
The City of Redding's easement project work was completed yesterday so there will be no disruption to the parking lot today. Members may park in the main parking lot as usual.   Although the City has future work that needs to be completed, we do not expect any further interruptions until the week of October 9. Thank you for your patience and flexibility.  

Update 9.22.23  
The first portion of the Trinity Street Sewer Project is set to begin Thursday, September 28. This will impact our driveway and drive aisles. The City will need access to the Y driveway from 7 am - 5 pm on September 28 and 29, in order to dig and patch holes to verify the exact location of underground utilities.  Since the City of Redding will need access to the entire drive, please take note:  The main entrance will be blocked off with cones and signage.You will need to enter and exit through the Y South parking lot entrance. By entering the Y South entrance, you will still have access to the main facility and parking lot.For those who usually park in the Y main parking lot and walk to Y South, please park in the Y South parking lot to avoid the construction.  

We are excited to announce our Y South building will be getting a new roof! The project will begin near September 13 and is anticipated to take about two weeks. As they work on sections of the roof on September 18 - 27, a few parking spaces on the south side of the building will temporarily be blocked to allow for equipment. There will be some noise as they work on the roof, and we will do our best to coordinate schedules to work around the quieter classes scheduled in Studio 5.  As for the Trinity Street Sewer Project, which will impact our driveway and drive aisle, the contractor is still looking at the end of September or beginning of October to begin the project.  We will provided information regarding upcoming projects as we receive it. 

Thank you for being a member of the Y!